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When do people book a furniture removalist

There are obviously many factors influencing when you will choose to book your furniture removal.

However in my view most customers fit into one of the following categories.

1. Be organised, these are the people we all wish we were who know exactly when they want to move months in advance, and are normally in the minority.

2. This category is the largest, as the majority of customers looking to move interstate will book their removal about 1 to 2  weeks in advance.

3. Last minute decision makers, this accounts for about 20% of our customers, some have a move thrust on them by work, or outside factors, others are so busy they forget that they still need to organise a removalist.

In general i would advise booking your removalist at least a week in advance, more if possible.

However do not stress, as we can normally assist with any size move with only a day or so notice, with some flexibility on your part…

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