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So what isĀ  “backloading?”

The basic idea of backloading, is that you would include your goods on a pre-exsisting trip.

For example if you are planning to send a few items down to Melbourne for your son who’s attending uni down there.

You obviously wouldn’t need an entire truck for a bed, couple boxes and a TV, would you? No you wouldn’t.


This is where traditionally a backloading removal comes in handy.

What this means is we provide you only the space that your items would take up, which then saves you hundreds or possibly thousands depending on where you’re going to and from.

A removal truck can generally fit between 60 and 100 cubic meters of furniture, the average house would normally have about 30-40 depending on the family.


So what does that mean for the rest of the truck?

Well that’s the beauty of a backload. What will happen is that we’ll find a customer, or maybe two depending on sizes, that’s looking to do a full house move from one state to another, and then we’ll add your smaller move to that trip.

Since they’re the primary part of the trip, we’re booking a truck to go from state to state to perform their relocation for them, and otherwise wouldn’t be sending the truck. We use the big moves like this to cover the costs of running a truck, the fuel, labour costs etc. Because these costs are covered by the big move, your move is relatively cost free for us, and thus can be done at a heavily discounted rate. The little moves of a few items are the cream on top for removalists.


Does that mean using Backloading Removals are unreliable when it comes to availability?

Not at all! We pride ourselves in constantly having trucks running all over the country, all the time. You don’t need to wait weeks for a spot to open up and you won’t be forced to wait weeks to get your delivery once we collect it. We focus on keeping our trucks constantly busy week in week out. Constantly running trucks means that we can always provide a backloading removal service whenever its required by one of our customers.

We have at anytime at least 8 trucks running between the east coast of Australia on any given week, and for those busier times, we also take advantage of container transport via the rail system, which provides the exact same quality of service whilst using trains instead of trucks, but is only realistically viable for the metropolitan areas such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc.


Are there times in the year that Backloading is not available?

They’re available all year round, if you need some goods moved interstate, then we can help you get it done.

Excluding the obvious holidays such as Christmas and Easter, all trucks are run year round.

We are always moving someone somewhere and can find a way to fit a backload into the mix for you.

Do Backload Removals take much longer than a normal removal?

To be honest, not really. Once your backloaded goods start making the trip, we want them off the truck as quickly as you do. Brisbane to Melbourne normally takes only a couple days to drive, once we get down to Melbourne we want to get everything off the truck as quickly as possible so we can then reload and head back to Brisbane. We have no desire to hang around and drag out the process, doesn’t help you and it certainly does not help us.