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How long are quotes valid for

Hi Quotes are valid for at least 3 months, please reply to your moving quote if its older than that, and we will double check for you


Are your Quotes free?

Moving Quotes are free and you are under no obligation.

What if the date I want to move changes?

If this happens to you, please contact the office Please keep in mind the day you would like may be booked out already, so let us know

Can you quote on any size removal?

Yes, we have the capability to assist you with any size move, from moving a few items, to a whole household

How long will it take for my goods to arrive?

Due to misinterpretation, by some customers we feel that it is best to deal with transit times on a per quote basis.

Will the movers disconnect the cooker and other appliances?

NO. By law electrical and gas work should be done by a qualified trades person.

Can I pay cash for my removal?

If you are looking to pay with cash for your removal, give us a call.

If you are thinking of using cash as your method of payment let us know and we can discuss it with you and make arrangements to assist with doing so.

Please also consider the amounts involved, would you like to have to carry thousands in cash?

We would prefer that the money is either paid at our depot, where feasible, or preferably via direct deposit into the bank account/.

How long will your quote be valid?

We can quote for the immediate future or for some time down the track

When do people book a furniture removalist

"There are obviously many factors influencing when you will choose to book your furniture removal. However in my view most customers fit into one of the following categories. 1. Be organised, these are the people we all wish we were who know exactly when they want to move months in advance, and are normally in the minority. 2. This category is the largest, as the majority of customers looking to move interstate will book their removal about 1 to 2  weeks in advance. 3. Last minute decision makers, this accounts for about 20% of our customers, some have a move thrust on them by work, or outside factors, others are so busy they forget that they still need to organise a removalist. In general i would advise booking your removalist at least a week in advance, more if possible. However do not stress, as we can normally assist with any size move with only a day or so notice, with some flexibility on your part..."

Do I need to empty out my filing cabinets?

In most cases yes, we do prefer these cabinets to be emptied however if they are sparsely filled you may use your own Judgment.

When should I pay for my removal?

Once we have confirmed a date for your removal we ask that you pay a deposit to lock in your removal with a deposit.

Can I take my BBQ?

Yes we move BBQ's. Make sure it is clean or has a cover to protect against dirtying any other items in the truck.

What is the difference between standard and book cartons?

A standard removal carton is the larger of the two boxes used for packing goods for removal.

Which is used for packing items such as clothes or linen.


The book cartons are used to package, obviously book boxes or your fragile items such as plates or your other fragile belongings.

Items packed in the smaller boxes should be well wrapped to reduce the risk of damage

Can any tape be used to make and seal cartons?

No. There are many different types of tape and the appropriate tape should be used. Masking tape, whilst useful around the home, will not hold a carton together or closed during a removal.

Do cartons need to be packed tightly and to the top?

Yes. If cartons are not packed to the top, they will compress when stacked upon and this may lead to damage to items packed in the carton. Like wise, if there is room for compression on the sides, crushing can occur.

Do you recommend plastic covers for my furniture?

Yes, we always recommend you wrap your upholstered furniture in plastic covers, as even when they are wrapped in our removal blankets they can often get dirty whilst inside a truck.

How should I prepare my fridge?

This should be emptied and wiped clean throughout. If it is going into storage, the fridge should be thoroughly cleaned and dry. Wiping the interior with vanilla essence will help keep any mildew at bay