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Moving Interstate:

Moving interstate is different than moving just around around the corner, or to another suburb. Preparations are usually more involved. There’s likely to be a greater impact on your life. And there’s often complexities that you may not have considered. In this article we’ll highlight some of the differences between moving interstate and moving locally and provide tips and how you should prepare yourself for them.

Special Considerations and Tips For Moving Interstate

Interstate Quarantine Restrictions
Before moving interstate you should aware yourself of any quarantine restrictions that may impact upon your move. Interstate quarantine regulations may prohibit you from moving certain plants and animals between states. It’s important to check regulations for both the state you’re moving from and to in order to see how you may be affected.

Going The Distance

Moving interstate generally means that you’ll be moving greater distances. Naturally, the further your furniture has to go, the higher the potential there is for damage to occur. While it is always important to protect your furniture with proper packing, it only becomes more important when moving interstate. Pack well and use proper packing materials if you’re moving interstate. See our “Furniture Removalists Guide” on packing for tips to help you prepare for your next interstate move.

With the increased risk of damage when moving interstate, we advise that you consider purchasing a level of Transit Protection with us when making your booking.

Being Flexible

If you’re moving interstate, when compared to moving locally, it’s important to understand that there’s an increase in the number of factors that can effect transit times. We don’t want to sound alarmist, but extreme weather events, road closures, driver log book restrictions, truck breakdowns, train derailments, and many more factors can come into play when moving interstate or great distances. Your interstate move isn’t likely to be directly impacted upon by such events and restrictions, but they do occur and often have far reaching consequences.

No matter which furniture removalist’s you ultimately choose when moving interstate, our experience tells us that the more flexible you can be when it comes to delivery times, the more relaxed you’ll be.

Be Contactable

When moving interstate it’s very important that you remain contactable at all times. We’ll want to keep you informed of what’s happening with your move and may need to contact you to make arrangements for delivery.

Keep your mobile phone charged and switched on at all times during your furniture removal;
Supply us with as many contact numbers as possible;
If possible, supply us with contact details for a friend, family member or colleague just in case we can’t get onto you;
Check your email regularly – sometimes we’ll use it as a last resort if we can’t contact you by other means.

Labeling Your Furniture and Cartons

When moving interstate you’re more likely to share the furniture removalist’s truck with other client’s (unless you’ve booked the entire truck or have a sizeable load of furniture). For this reason it’s important to properly label all your goods when moving interstate, or a great distance. At minimum, you should label your moving boxes and other furniture with the following details:

An arrow indicating whether the box should be kept upright, and if so, in which direction;
A clear instruction to take care with delicate items by labeling boxes with the word ‘FRAGILE’;
A description of the boxes contents;
Information about where the carton should be delivered once it has reached its destination along with your name, job number and delivery address and any other important details of your move.

Moving interstate can be a difficult and involved process, but with proper planning and a positive outlook it can be a fantastic, life changing opportunity.

Continue to browse our site – we’ve got plenty more resources and tips to help your prepare for your upcoming interstate move.