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How do I get myself a quote for interstate removalists?

Well, you start by heading to our quote form. It’s a very simple set of questions that provide us all the information we need to provide you one of our highly competitive prices.

Our system takes only a few seconds to fill out and the beauty of it is that if you aren’t sure of the exact items you want to move, once you submit the original quote you can come back in and reopen your quote, adding and removing items as you need.

You can create dozens of quotes in just a few minutes, then you can sit down and work out exactly what items you’ll be moving with a price just waiting for you.

Plus its all free, do as many quotes as you want, we’re here to help so if you need us to price your move 15 times to get that list perfect, then so be it. We know moving is stressful so the last thing you want to do is be unsure about what you want to take because you’re not sure how much things will cost.

We’re here to help you, and that means making everything in the moving process as easy as possible from start to finish, and the start of the process is the quote.


Why do I need to hire an interstate removalist?


Moving interstate is hard, there is often far to many things to take care of, to arrange and line up together that if you also have to do the physical part of the move then I can guarantee that at least one part of the plan will go wrong, and since you’ll be so busy lifting furniture and driving the truck, you won’t have enough time up your sleeve to fix the issue immediately, and it’ll just get worse the longer its left.

As someone who speaks to a lot of customers who use our services, this is a story I’ve heard far too many times. People try to save themselves a little cash by not hiring an interstate removalist and thinking they can do an equally as good job, but the reality of moving is far from the idea most people have in their heads.


What makes a good interstate mover?

The thing that scares most people off from hiring a professional interstate removalist are in my opinion the horror stories that everybody you talk to seems to have. People seem to think that because they’ve heard the terrifying tale of their friends friends sisters next door neighbors move that they’re definitely going to receive the same treatment. The truth of the matter is in fact far different. There are only a small percentage of removalists that cause those horrific stories, but because they’re the ones that people remember, they’re the ones that everybody talks about and spread a bad image about the drivers who would do anything for their customers and handle their goods with the utmost care (the type of people who handle your goods when you book with us.)


It genuinely annoys us when we hear these stories because not only have they made it hard for good quality removalists like us, they’ve also gotten away with making money off these customers whilst treating them and their items like dirt, its just unfair.